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give WOW factor to any area

Create your own stunning environment giving you the WOW factor to any area
People spend a great deal on their new kitchens & bathrooms why not show off your product quality with fantastic lighting
IRIS Restaurant Effect
What makes IRIS unique is the ability to work in unison with side profiles to create that all round glow. With a combination of downlights and profiles, you can create something that is will bring that ‘wow’ factor to any room
  • Lighting is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to designing a residential or commercial project. So, if you want quality home lighting in your project, go for the smart lighting system. Yes, it is true that led smart lighting has replaced the traditional tube lights and incandescent bulbs. The led lighting saves you energy, and the smart features give you complete control over the led lights. Led smart lighting has become the popular choice of modern designers and architects.

    Let us share with you a bunch of amazing led lighting ideas to spruce up your homes using smart lighting setups!

  • Use smart led downlights in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room to illuminate each corner of your home with your favorite color:

  • Use the led downlights in your kitchen above countertops and benches to have bright luminescence for easy food prep.

  • Install led lights with white hues in your bedroom and living room with the feature to change the color tone and dim LED light to create an instantly soft, dusky mood to spend a romantic night with your loved ones or create a vibrant environment with popping bright colors to enjoy a fun night party with your friends.

  • Fix led light over washing basin and downlights all over the ceiling of the bathroom to make your bathroom look stylish.

  • Use led strip lights creatively for indoor and outdoor lighting to add attraction:

  • Use over cabinets in the kitchen and bedroom to add a wow factor to your home.

  • Line the ceilings with the led strip of your favorite color to give an elegant look to your space.

  • Line your stairs, balcony, or porch to beautify them.

  • Outline your flowerbed in the garden or swimming pool with strip lights to highlight them.

  • In short, there are numerous smart led lighting types and lighting ideas that you can use to create a perfect ambiance and mood for yourself at home. So, be creative and brighten up your home with smart led lights.

IRIS Lounge effect
Bedroom Effect
Its important to create the right aumbiance to not only welcome your customer but to keep them there
Bar Effect
Bathroom Smart Lighting effect
You spend a fortune on your purchases why not illuminate them well why compromise ? 
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