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Reduce Snags, increases speeds, install Precision fit every time. 
This Great Toolbox tool delivered to your door

Just put a packet of 25 in your toolbox for peace of mind 

Grommets comply as do bushes and couplers , but they don’t help expensive snags especially in tiled areas!!  you never get the perfect fit !! with spacer connect you can with confidence. ​​

This product is designed for high end installers that appreciate quality and precision professional fit in tiled areas and high value finishes ​

Demonstrating the product for socket back boxes
  • Simple to fit just clip together allow you to

  • Fix boxes together to mark out & level for chasing in

  • No need to leave insulation between boxes

  • Allow more cable room for linking

  • Plasters don't fill up gaps

  • Reduce costly snags

  • Precision fit every time

Demonstrating the product for socket back boxes
The product 

As with all the best ideas, the Spacer Connect is simple and often followed by the

'why didn't I think of that???’!​​

Spacer Connect​

With the simple clip connectors you will save time and hassle on the everyday jobs. The Spacer Connect Range allows any numbers of back boxes to be instantly connected, positioned perfectly parallel & spaced, allowing a whole row of back boxes to be installed in one! A real toolbox friend ​.

Demonstrating the product for socket back boxes


Demonstrating the product for socket back boxes


Conduit Connect​

By clicking directly into any conduit or trunking, this completely removes the need for the fiddly female screw adaptors. Amazingly simple and removing just a little bit extra hassle from your life​

The Old Way

  • Difficult to fit especially in tight space like lighting

  • Two piece

  • Time consuming to fit in difficult areas

The New Way

  • Push to fit

  • One piece

  • Much easier & quicker to fit

  • No struggling to turn bushes in tight spaces

Conduit connect
Delivered to your door
Packaging for single pack
  • In compostable eco friendly packets & Labels

  • Labels are also compostable

  • 25 spacer connect per pack SC 15 1

                  Discounts Available For

  • 2 packs Order Code SC 15 2

  • 4 packs Order Code SC 15 4

  • 10 packs Order Code SC 15 10

  • Also Available in 35m for decorators gap​

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