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The New Standad For Smart LED Downlighting 

  • Main light/baffle light controlled by app.​

  • Main light full CCT dimmable.​

  •  IP 65 Rated Facia ​

  • Diamond reflector design.​

  • IC fire-rated LED Downlight (Tested to 30, 60 and 90 minutes   fire rating).​

  • Baffle design to reduce glare and light intensity. ​

  • Complete with white bezel as standard (additional magnetic bezels available Black / Chrome ).​

  • Compatible with radiant single live wire switch series. 

IRIS Smart Downlight

Give Your Environment the WOW Factor 

Spacer Connect

With the simple clip connectors you will save time and hassle on the everyday jobs. The Spacer Connect Range allows any numbers of back boxes to be instantly connected, positioned perfectly parallel & spaced, allowing a whole row of back boxes to be installed in one! A real toolbox friend ​...

Spacer Connect

Conduit Connect

The Old Way

  • Difficult to fit especially in tight space like lighting

  • Two piece

  • Time consuming to fit in difficult areas

The New Way

  • Push to fit

  • One piece

  • Much easier & quicker to fit

  • No struggling to turn bushes in tight spaces

Conduit connect makes life easy

LyncoLinks Is a great innovation designed for false ceilings ​

  Simple installation takes less than a minute just to clip  on the Tee Bar a real alternative to panels​

We have designed our products to give you competitive advantage developing the easiest and quickest methods to install ​

  • Elegant appearance of space·​​

  • Flexibility for creativeness of customers and designs ·​​

  • Reduce overall project costs​

  • (materials and labour) ·​​

  • Even light distribution​

Lyncolink alternative to LED panels
Lyncolink alternative to LED panels
Lyncolink alternative to LED panels

Great applications : Bookmakers / Options / Electrical Wholesalers / Galleries / All retail / Commercial and industrial​

Lyncolink alternative to LED panels

Light Every Mood

Bring your environment to life with full mood control 

You can buy cheap LED ribbons and profiles but they will not last and will breakdown colours will change LEDs fail but this is why its cheap and low warranty which you can never claim We only offer the best to work with IRIS giving 2 options 120 LED or COB the newest technology but premium  

RGB Strip


  • Bring your environment to life with this Dynamic Free Standing Elegant Stylish Corner Wall Washer

  • Choose whichever scene you want from your iPhone , just select what you like , waterfall , play to music of choose from 16million solid colour options fully Dimmerable . Just assemble plug in download app auto with QR code

  • Just assemble plug in download app auto with QR code

  • Great for Bedrooms | Living Rooms | Hallways | Lobby's|

Mood Lighting create your own ambience
Lyncolink alternative to LED panels
Herbbee Hydroponic growing system


The LED Hydroponic growing Sytem

HerbBee is perfect for a windowsill or kitchen to grow small crops all year-round.
With five seed stations, a 22W light, and preprogrammed growing stages, all you need to worry about is what is on the menu.

Grow Your Herbs & Plants Whatever the weather Great for a kitchen herb garden and educational for the kids a great hobby 

Get yours today

Why wait? Light every mood today.

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