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Are you looking for something that can completely change the ambiance and look of a room, wall, object, or space? Add white light or popping colors to illuminate your room with the wall washer that iris by LumenLinks has in its collection.


The wall washer light washes or bathes your walls or floor with light to add more beauty and elegance to your space. Wall washer led light is a lighting design technique that spreads uniform lighting over a wall or floor to draw attention, to give it a spacious look, and to highlight the space where it is fixed by adding white light, smooth pastels, or vibrant colors of your choice.


Wall washer led is great to have in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, lobbies, etc., to enhance lighting to that particular space. Moreover, in addition to lighting up the area, it makes it look spacious and colorful. Choose colors of your choice to brighten up your environment.


Do you wish to buy an elegant wall washer downlight? Iris by LumenLinks offers the most stylish free-standing corner wall washer led light to brighten up your space.


Add life and color to the corner of your bedroom or living room with this quality wall washer that allows you to choose from 16 million solid color options fully dimmable to suit your style.


Not only that, just assemble plugin download app auto with QR code to enjoy the music of your choice. We at iris by LumenLinks are offering you one of the most elegant wall washer downlights that will completely change the look of the space where it will be placed.


Moreover, this corner stand is easy to move and carry. So, explore our gallery to shop for this amazing wall washer light at an affordable price and the best quality.


Free shipping on all UK orders.


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