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Get two downlights for your home or store.


Each pack comes with a 40w drive and one controller. Plus, a white, black, and chrome bezel so you can customize your downlights to match your space.


Shop a pack of two led downlights from iris by LumenLinks, the trustable brand of the UK that offers quality led lights in affordable prizes. If you want to furnish your home in a way that looks sleek and stylish, then adorn your ceilings with led downlights.


These are embedded into the ceilings to look well synchronized with the ceiling, so they appear as a part of the room. Led downlights are an ideal choice for your homes and offices as these led lights offer versatility and energy saving.




Led downlights are an ideal choice to fix in residential and commercial projects when you need light that is energy efficient and adds aesthetics to your space to make it look great to the eye.


Use these led downlights for your kitchen, bathroom, or hallway lighting to enhance the aesthetics of the area, save energy, and smartly play with the led.

IP65 compliant led downlights are perfect for your kitchen and bathrooms!


Yes, you heard it right. The pack of two led smart downlights is IP65compliant which is engineered specifically to safeguard it from moisture and dust, making it completely fit for use anywhere in your home.


Use this smart led light in your kitchen lighting pendant to brighten up your kitchen countertop, or use led lights for the bathroom to illuminate your bathroom without having any impact of humidity on these lights. Buy led downlights online today by visiting our website.


IRIS by LumenLinks has shared complete features of the smart downlight that is app-controlled via blue tooth, making it an ideal choice in workplaces and other projects where you need to adjust brightness within a single click to give a new look to the space. Get to know more about this app lighting by visiting us.


Free shipping on all UK orders.

IRIS- Pack Of Two Downlights (End Of Line Sale)

  • IRIS was designed to provide a unique lighting experience via a smartphone app.

    The most unique point of this downlight is that it allows you to not only enjoy the brightness of the main lighting but also, be able to create an ambient lighting experience with your fingertips.

    The details

    • App-controlled via Bluetooth
    • Up to 6,500,000 available colours
    • Wide 60° beam angel, optional 24° and 36°
    • Bright ambient RGB lighting
    • Twist & Lock bezel design
    • Ultra-low profile design suitable for shallow 50mm ceiling voids
    • BS476 compliant
    • IP65 facial, suitable for bathrooms.
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