Get a single downlight for your home or store.


Each pack comes with a 40w drive and one controller. Plus, a white, black, and chrome bezel so you can customize your downlights to match your space.


The most popular lighting choice of architects and interior designers to add sophistication and class to their projects is the use of downlights. Smart led downlights are today’s most popular lighting choices used in residential and commercial projects.

A downlight, also called a recessed light, is recessed into the ceiling and throws light in the downward direction. Smart lighting led allows its user to conveniently switch it on/off, switch colors and adjust brightness from anywhere with an app that controls the downlight.


A red light is fixed into a housing or fixture along with a power supply to form a downlight led that is embedded into the ceiling in a way that it looks well-coordinated with it to give a beautiful sleek look to the ceilings.



Use smart led lights in big rooms to allow light to reach every corner to illuminate the room completely, or use it in rooms with low ceilings as these are recessed, allowing you space for other fixtures.


 The downlights are used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, corridors, etc., to lighten up your home. These are widely used in offices, retail stores, hospitals, malls, hotels, etc., for illuminating these spaces and to add a sophisticated look to the buildings.


IRIS by LumenLinks offers you a bright smart, single downlight at a reasonable price:

The smart, single downlight designed by the iris is app-controlled via Bluetooth, allowing its user the complete freedom to control the brightness from anywhere with just their fingertips.


Create the ambiance that goes with your mood as we offer downlights in up to 6,500,000 colors with bright RGB lighting. Explore our collection and contact us to shop this smart led downlight. Iris single downlight led comes with a white, black, and chrome bezel to allow you to coordinate the lighting with your space.


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IRIS- Single Downlight

  • IRIS was designed to provide a unique lighting experience via a smartphone app.

    The most unique point of this downlight is that it allows you to not only enjoy the brightness of the main lighting but also, be able to create an ambient lighting experience with your fingertips.

    The details

    • App-controlled via Bluetooth
    • Up to 6,500,000 available colours
    • Wide 60° beam angel, optional 24° and 36°
    • Bright ambient RGB lighting
    • Twist & Lock bezel design
    • Ultra-low profile design suitable for shallow 50mm ceiling voids
    • BS476 compliant
    • IP65 facial, suitable for bathrooms.