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Iris by LumenLinks is where we have the largest collection of Led strips to illuminate your home, offices, and surroundings.

The strip light led has revolutionized the lighting in both residential and commercial projects allowing architects and designers to use these in numerous creative ways to add sparkle to their projects.

Led strips or strip light is a collection of led (light-emitting diodes) mounted on a flexible circuit board operated by low dc power shaped into a strip with an adhesive backing, making it the most versatile lighting source that you can use anywhere!


Available in different lengths, colors (single and changing), intensities, mountings, etc., strip lights have infinite applications. There are led strip lights for home, for offices, for spa and concerts, etc.

These are used for lighting your home such as kitchen, bedroom, lobby, stair railing, garden, swimming pool, etc. Led light strips are widely used in malls, theatres, retail outlets, etc., to create an ambiance and look that attracts people.
Moreover, you find these in your electronics, vehicles, decorative items, shoes, and the list is infinite. The easy to install strips can be used anywhere to light that product or space!


So, are you looking for the best strip lights?

Explore iris by LumenLinks, which guarantees you the best quality led strip lights that are IP65 rated, making them waterproof. We have over 800types of led strips in different colors and intensities.
The color temperature ranging from 1800k to 7000k, and color rendering from CRI 180 to CRI 195 allows you to choose from a range of led's to select the strip light that suits your need.
Purchase a single strip light or a huge collection from iris by LumenLinks to illuminate your life with UK's best strip lights!


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High quality Kit IP65 rated only

  • LED strips revolutionised the opportunities for both residential and commercial lighting offering a wealth of creative possiblities for decorative and primary lighting effects. 

    With well over 800 different types of LED strip we have the widest range available anywhere in the UK.

    With colour tempratures ranging from 1800K to 7000K  and colour rendering from CRI80 to CRI95.