Get a single striplight for your home or store.


Iris by LumenLinks has in its stock COB premium kit IP65 rated at a great price. So, if you are looking for a COB-led strip, visit us today to place your order.


COB stands for chip on board which means that the chip is directly fixed on PCB. In the case of COB strip, these chips are linearly bonded in strip form to emit light of different colors and color temperatures.


COB-led strip lights have infinite applications. These flexible light-emitting strips can be used anywhere on any object to highlight it and make it look more contoured.


These are available in many colors to allow you to play with the color of your choice. Use these cob strip lights around mirrors, stairs, cabinets, tables, corridors, curtain railings, etc. You can be limitlessly creative with cob strip led.


Iris by LumenLinks has the widest range of COB premium strips with well over 800 types!


The smart COB led strip light offered by iris has many amazing features listed below:

  • Consistent uniform light
  • Non-glaring
  • Good CRI range
  • Flexible
  • Easy to cut in any length and easy to use
  • light-weight
  • Availability of a range of numerous colors
  • Dimmable ( control the brightness with a smartphone via Bluetooth)
  • IP rated that makes these safe and water-proof.


So, if you want to grab this amazing COB premium kit which is IP65 rated, visit iris by LumenLinks and place your order. Add light to every boring object around you to make it look sleeker.


  • Add popping colors and play with brightness to create an ambiance that you adore. Use these led strips to highlight any object you think needs life. These strips are safe, easy to use, and easy to install. Our COB-led strips are of good quality and will emit consistent uniform light without any dark spots or fading.


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COB Premium Kit IP65 rated only

  • You can buy cheap LED ribbons and profiles but they will not last and will breakdown colours will change LEDs fail but this is why its cheap and low warranty which you can never claim We only offer the best to work with IRIS giving 2 options 120 LED or COB the newest technology but premium 

    • Easy to install
    • Works from your mobile phone
    • No Need for controllers that you lose
    • 16m tuneable colour options
    • Dynamic app functions
    • Set and use your normal switch every day   
    • No Spotting
    • Works in unison with IRIS
    • Free app even without IRIS
    • IP65 Rated 
    • Full Kit Supplied