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Light Every Mood

Bring your environment to life with full mood control 

You can buy cheap LED ribbons and profiles but they will not last and will breakdown colours will change LEDs fail but this is why its cheap and low warranty which you can never claim We only offer the best to work with IRIS giving 2 options 120 LED or COB the newest technology but premium  

Premium Range IRIS COB 



Click to see more COB Specifications

  • Easy to install

  • Works from your mobile phone

  • No Need for controllers that you lose 16m tuneable colour options

  • Dynamic app functions

  • Set and use your normal switch every day   

  • No Spotting

  • Works in unison with IRIS

  • Free app even without IRIS

  • IP65 Rated 

  • Full Kit Supplied

  • 3 year warranty

With seemingly endless combinations, you truly can light every mood

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